5 simple tips that will help you to overcome the fear of public speaking

how to overcome fear of public speaking

Do you have a fear of public speaking and looking for ways to overcome it?

This article holds 5 simple tips that will help you to become a better public speaker

If you are having nightmares and fear of speaking in public, then, don’t worry anymore.

Whether you are new to this website or you are a subscriber, make sure you read this article till the end.

I will be showing you how you can throw the fear of public speaking into the garbage by applying 5 simple ideas.

What is fear of public speaking?

Fear is a natural response to an unexpected situation, and the fear of speaking in public is right at the top of all the fears in the world.

Imagine that people are more afraid of public speaking than deep-sea diving or skydiving.

In fact, I have a few friends who are really good talkers but still have this fear.

When these guys speak, you’d keep quiet and listen to them in awe.

They have a lot of bright ideas to share but when I tell them “you should talk about your ideas from a stage”, their response is “No, I don’t think I can do that.”

I believe that by the end of this article, that response will change.

How to overcome the fear of public speaking

Many people fear public speaking because of certain myths and mindset they believe in.

I will be sharing some of those things that cause you to fear and destroy them with my 5 bullet points for overcoming public speaking.

Now for all of you my dear friends who think you cannot do it, here are 5 ideas that will help you think in the right direction and set you up on the stage with confidence.


overcome fear of public speaking by know that you are unique

This is what you fear: “Everyone has already spoken about what I have to say.”

The thing is although you might possess the same knowledge as others, however, how you present it makes you unique.

First, we all know that no two persons are the same, yet many people with the fear of public speaking say things like, “I don’t have anything new to share.”

Everyone has unique content and a unique way of expressing ideas to other people.

For instance, there are probably hundreds of thousands of other articles like this one you are reading right now.

However, if I did not publish my own view about the fear of public speaking, you might never see these tips anywhere else.

The same goes for you. You must first agree with yourself that you are unique, despite the number of presentations on that topic in circulation.

Maybe you have the image of a unique TED speaker in your mind that you want to emulate, and because you are not like that person yet, you don’t want to take a step.

That’s a very limiting imagination that will never allow you to become a fearless public speaker.

I urge you to trust your guts, believe in your message, accept your style and you will find that the fear of public speaking will flee from you.

This understanding helps you present your ideas in your own way and puts you under no pressure to succeed.  


This is what you Fear: “What purpose can my speaking solve?”

The fact is, every speech touches someone. Remembering the fact that your speech can change lives is the biggest motivation to get up on the stage.  

Before you say no to any speaking engagement, remember to ask yourself “why am I doing this? What purpose can my speaking solve?”

The tagline of TED Talks, the most popular speaking platform in the world is “Sharing ideas.”

This is in fact the same reason I became a writer.

I believe you have an idea in your mind which no one else can explain the way you’d do.

You need to free yourself and share those ideas.

Someone might even pick up your idea and refine it into something that will benefit the world.

On the contrary, that will never happen if you do not share the piece of idea you have.

And when you don’t speak from a stage, the ideas that could potentially help someone, it will remain in your mind.

Right now, you have a chance to change lives, inspire change and bring about positivity.

So, don’t let that fear stop you.

Go up and speak on the state.


This is what you fear: “What if I forget, what if the mic does not work, what if I don’t get applause?”

The conqueror mindset helps you slay all your fears by tackling each fear one by one and ensuring that you are prepared to win. 

If you don’t want fear to stop you from speaking in public, then you have to think like a conqueror

A conqueror slays all his enemies one by one and your No 1 enemy is fear.

To knock out the fear of public speaking using this strategy, you must make a list of all the things you are afraid of.

A conqueror also plans out a battle plan and then attacks.

You can list out the things you are afraid might happen when you are making a presentation on stage.

Some common fears include;

  • I will forget my points.
  • The projector might malfunction.
  • My speech may not be good enough.
  • The mic may not come on etc.

After listing your fears, you now know exactly where the fear is coming from.

Now, you can work on each of these fear generators so that they will not stand as an opposition to you.

For instance, if you think your speech might not be good enough, then tell it to your friend and take honest opinions to improve wherever you can before the D-day.

Telling a friend will help you to improve your productivity and cut down the time you spend trying to appear perfect.

The idea is for you to deliver, and that’s just what you are going to do.

Remember that the audience is not your enemy, fear is.

Now, go slay that fear and own the stage like a conqueror. 


This is what you fear: “What if nobody likes my speech, what if people walk away when I am speaking?”

Visualising success helps you stay in a positive frame of mind. Imagine thunderous applause and a standing ovation. 

If all you have done is to doubt your ability as a speaker, then it’s time to do some happy thinking.

This trick will help put you in a positive state of mind when you are up for a speaking engagement.

When fear tries to creep in, close your eyes and mutter these words to yourself 

“I see myself giving the best speech that would change lives.”

“Everyone is standing upright after my speech to give me a standing ovation.”

“I see myself being appreciated and congratulated.”

Saying these words to yourself is super empowering, super confidence-building and puts you in a superframe of mind.

Do you feel like that’s a lot of the word “super in one sentence?

Well, that’s the idea.

I want you to feel like a Superman.


This is what you fear: “Public speaking is too difficult”

Well, one has to jump in the pool to learn how to swim right? And then you realise it was not too difficult. 

Same is the case of public speaking. 

Go on the stage and you’ll soon realise it is not as difficult as it is made out to be.  

Okay, let me share a little story with you.

Growing up, I was very shy and timid.

I had the fear of explaining myself to anyone, not even to one person without fretting.

In fact, this was the reason I did not take part in any academic competition even though I was one of the best students in the school.

I never had the courage to ask a question or express my opinion.

It was not until 4 years ago when I started speaking from a stage.

Now, here I am. I have been speaking to different crowds of over 2000 people at a time.

The point here is, if I can do it, then you can do it too.

Even if things go wrong, you’d definitely learn something.

After all, did you learn how to ride a bicycle the first day you tried?

I bet it took a few practices, and failures too.

So, start accepting as much public speaking engagements that come your way.

Keep speaking and never give up.

I hope with these 5 ideas, your confidence for public speaking has gone up a little bit.

So, go up that stage and take a leap of faith.

Now it’s your turn, I’d like to know what are your biggest fears when it comes to public speaking?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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Keep Speaking!!

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