Top 10 amazing Movies every Marketer and salesperson should watch

the social network movies every marketer or salesperson should watch

Movies are for fun and relations, but beyond that, some hold some vital life lessons which can make us better people. You will find out more about his after reading through this list of movies every marketer and salesperson should watch.

As a marketer, it is important to have some tips at your fingertips.

With a highly competitive market, you always need to stay on your toes.

This can get really overwhelming but you need to take a deep breath, switch your TV on and just unwind.

Top 10 Must-Watch Movies for Every Marketer and Salesperson

Here are 10 movies marketers and salespeople can both enjoy and learn from.

1. Syrup 

The first on the list of movies every marketer or salesperson should watch is “Syrup.”

This novel-based drama shows a young marketing executive who goes high and low trying to sell his “million dollars worth idea” to his boss. 

He also tries to sell the energy drink product (mere water and syrup) by creating the right brand image. 

Every soft drink is essentially syrup and water but when it comes to marketing, it’s content no matter how ordinary doesn’t matter.

Brand image is very important in advertising and if you work on the premise that consumers are gullible, your work is almost done. 

The movie portrays the marketing industry as one that does whatever it takes to sell a product. 

Syrup also shines the light on how to grab a buyer’s attention, create an upmarket image and sell oneself.

It also shows the behind the scenes of a supposedly pretty picture and what it takes to move forward in a cruel marketing world. 

2. The Joneses (2010)

This sitcom is a must-see if you want to see undercover marketing in action in real life. 

In a few words, The Joneses is about a well-to-do family that moves into a wealthy American suburb. 

Bubble buster, they turn out to be not a family at all, rather they are a group of marketers who indirectly advertise different kinds of goods to their unsuspecting neighbours.

The film teaches a good lesson of what the hidden motives that drive consumers’ buying decisions are – the people tend to follow those whom they like.

3. Thank You for Smoking 

thank you for smoking film for marketers and salespeople to watch

Ignore the movie title, it’s not a campaign to promote smoking.

It’s rather a sneak peek into a very difficult task; promoting something the majority disapprove of. 

Everyone knows smoking has a devastating impact on health. 

However, Nick Naylor, a lobbyist working for a tobacco company, is trying to convince people otherwise. 

He doesn’t care if his audience is a senate gathering or people watching TV on their couch, he just does it. 

Nick makes smoking look cool, and is, therefore, marketing it even without knowing. 

The height of his guts will take him to a classroom to tell elementary school kids that it is not bad to smoke.

Nobody is trying to get kids to start smoking, but this story is more about how people want to believe what people are telling them. 

Nick’s talent in persuasion is a great lesson in how “anything” can be marketed.

Thank you for smoking is worth the while for every marketer because they learn how to deal with objections, win in discussions and succeed in “doomed” campaigns. 

4. What Women Want

what women want film

What Women Want is a comedy movie that delivers many invaluable lessons.

One of which is that every ad expert should know their intended audience inside out. 

This thorough knowledge of their prospective audience helps to create a truly effective advertisement. 

In the movie, a male marketer experiences an electroshock one day and begins to hear everything women are thinking. 

His story looks at how he learns to listen to the women’s voices and consequently adapt to their wishes. 

This would apply both in his career and in his private life.

This movie will give marketers insights into marketing in a way that appeals especially to their audience. 

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5. Jobs


Jobs is a biography based drama. 

It chronicles the terrific life of the legendary entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, and the brain behind the ‘almighty’ Apple. 

As a marketer, Steve Job’s life would teach you to be meticulous, even with the little things.

Every detail makes a huge difference when it comes to business prosperity and success.

Jobs would show you that things don’t sell themselves. 

You have to show people that they cannot live without your product. 

As a marketer or salesperson, you can learn a lot in the movie how Steve Jobs identifies what people really want. 

It sheds light on understanding the persona of your product buyers and capitalising on it. 

6. Dolemite is My Name

one of top 10 movies every salesperson and marketer should watch

This Eddie-Murphy’s movie is not all laughs as you’d expect.

It takes a look at niche marketing and target audience.

“Every city in America has these same five blocks and they’re gonna love it.” 

Rudy Ray Moore understood his target audience, knew where they were and what they liked and he created memorable content for this audience. 

As a marketer, you don’t have to know all the technical aspects of a project.

Remember no man is an island and involve other people who have the skills required to implement your ideas/vision.

Rudy found the people to fill in his knowledge gaps and wasn’t afraid to admit what he didn’t know.

He was driven and had a vision. 

7. Lemonade

Lemonade mirrors the life of 70,000 advertising professionals who lost their jobs in the “Great Recession.”

This motivating documentary focuses on 15 ad experts who were once paid for their creativity in advertising. 

They had to struggle through becoming creative with their personal lives. 

Their grit is worthy of emulation for every marketer and of course the age-old adage turning lemons to lemonades, making the best out of downtime. 

8. The Social Network

the social network movies every marketer or salesperson should watch

The Social Network is a tale gripping story of the website that shook the digital marketing world — Facebook. 

As a marketer, it will be fascinating to get an inside look at what inspired the creation of Facebook.

The movie highlights the founders’ thought processes, the steps they took to develop it, and all the ups and downs Facebook experienced, long before it morphed into the giant it is today. 

Seeing the behind the scenes of the social network, assures you that the road to stardom is not void of obstacles and how much determination is necessary to pull through.

9. Moneyball

moneyball-movies for every entrepreneur salesperson and marketer must watch

Moneyball is all about data-driven decisions.

The movie recounts the beginnings of an analytical approach to winning baseball, the way we have it today.

The A’s changed the traditional way of scouting players to something unconventional. 

By signing cheap, undervalued players based on certain metrics that meant success to only the A’s and no one else, they got the maximum return for each dollar spent.

In this sense, baseball and marketing have a lot in common. Long before data drove key decision making, mere intuition did. 

Then, some suggested data as a replacement but it was not accepted.

But many occasions proved data worthy, and it has become the most crucial component in the decision-making process for both industries.

Moneyball also shows how outsiders of a particular industry can bring changes that will skyrocket the company. 

10. Boiler Room

the boiler room movie for every entrepreneur marketer and salesperson

The Boiler Room is a film where Ben Affleck and Vin Diesel are young and wearing funny suits. 

It tells a story of young stocks’ traders, who can sell everything, even things which don’t exist. 

It’s a very motivational piece as it explains how to wield your strength in the face of challenges and why sometimes aggressive business methods bring many benefits. 

“Boiler room” is definitely a must-watch for all marketing and sales specialists, especially those struggling.

Now, it’s your turn.

Which of these movies have you seen and which of one are you going to start watching immediately?

Let us know in the comment below.

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