10 ways to make money online doing nothing at all


Before now, it was almost impossible to think of making money online doing nothing.

But things have changed. Now you can make money even when sleeping or camping in the Amazon.

If you’re interested in making money but don’t want to take a second job, then you should consider making passive income.

Passive income is basically money you earn consistently without doing much or even anything at all.

Of course, you do have to put in a lot of work in the beginning.

But once you set up the passive income revenue stream, you can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour without lifting a finger.

Here are some ideas:

10 ways to keep making money online while idle


1. Write and publish a book. 

Writing a book is one way you can continuously make money doing nothing.

All you have to do is to pick a topic that people care about and then spend some time to write the book.

After the initial stress of writing the book in the beginning, you can earn money off of the sales once you’ve published it.

You can always go the ebook option and self-publish, or try to find a publishing house that will take you on.

2. Create a mobile app.

Mobile apps makes life easy for smartphone users.

You can create a mobile app and then earn money every time someone downloads it.

Even though you can’t code an app, you could outsource the programming to an expert.

You never know what will go viral and how quickly you can make money if your app’s a hit.

Even the silly iFart app generated a whopping $30,000 in just one day.

3. Start a static blog

If you have special knowledge about a subject, you can spend some time building a website in an area.

Although, the topic of the blog should be one that people have interest in.

A quick keyword research will help you with enough data to kickoff.

Focus on evergreen topics that you know people will be searching for

Evergreen topics are never outdated.

“How-to” articles, for instance, are pretty evergreen.

Once you have some good content on your site, you can quit writing and make money off your old content.

You can make money from the blog by hosting ads or by adding affiliate links to related products.

4. Write articles online. 

If you are a good writer, you can make money if you get approved to be a writer for Dotdash.

Dotdash will pay you to write the articles for them in the first two years.

After that, you’ll be paid according to pageviews.

Once you’ve put in the initial effort to write the article, you can just make money off of the views in years to come.

5. Create a YouTube video

Just like having a static blog, you can also do same on YouTube.

You can select a highly sought niche and publish evergreen videos on YouTube.

If your video becomes popular, you can apply ads on it and continue to make money online.

The amount you earn varies according to the niche and the volume of views you get on the video.

Many popular YouTubers, like PewDiePie, are already making over six or seven figures from their channel.

6. Take and sell beautiful photos

If you’ve got an eye and passion for photography, you can take good photos and sell online.

You can upload your photos on Shutterstock and earn a percentage each time there is a purchase.

Commissions range anywhere from 25 cents to $75 or more for every image download.

There are other similar sites like iStockphoto and GettyImages.

So be sure to do your research and pick the one that works best for you.

7. Draw and design graphics

If you have the talent of drawing beautiful arts, then you can as well make passive income from it.

Just as it is with taking beautiful photos and uploading on photo websites, you can do same with your artwork too.

Select a photo website and upload your work online for sale on the platform.

You will continue to earn money for each download .

8. Make a t-shirt

This business requires a bit of graphics design ability.

Even at that, you may still choose to higher a graphic designer to do the designs for you.

All you need to do is to design a t-shirt for Threadless Community.

If your designs become popular among the site’s community, the company will use your them for the next Threadless shirts.

When that happens, you can end up making thousands of dollars from reprint sales.

You can also design and sell t-shirts as well as other products on sites like ZazzleCafe Press, and Society6.

9. Sell insurance

Selling insurance is also another way of making steady money without doing nothing.

If you sell insurance online with your referral link, you make money when you’ve closed a deal.

In addition, some companies will also give you an extra commission when your customer renews his insurance.

And if you have many such customers who continue to renew their insurance, you will also make more money.

10. Get stock dividends

One of the best ways to continue to make passive income online while idle is to let your money work for you.

A more common way to do this is to invest in stocks that pay high dividends.

As company stocks continue to grow, your income grows too.

Here’s a list of some dividend-paying stocks with high rates.

If you want fast money, then you need to see these 20 Best Jobs That Pay $20 per Hour [or More].

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