Lil Wayne Net Worth in 2019


Lil Wayne Net Worth in 2019

What is Lil Wayne Net Worth in 2019? this and many more have been the question of the day by many. On this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know concerning Lil Wayne net worth in 2019, career, lifestyle, his famous quotes, including how Lil Wayne makes his money. You will also learn more about Lil Wayne educational background.

These and other interesting facts about Lil Wayne, we are going to be discussing them in this article. Please stay with us as we walk you through all you need to know about this great and famous American Musician.

Lil Wayne Net Worth in 2019

Below is a table showing Lil Wayne net worth, career, age, nationality, etc.

Net Worth:$120 Million
DOB (Age): September 27, 1982 (37)
Nationality:United States of America
Last Reviewed2019

Who is Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. professionally known as Lil Wayne was born on 27th September 1982. He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record executive, entrepreneur and actor.

His career began in 1995, at the age of 12, when he was discovered by Birdman and joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label.

The group became popular after the release of Guerrilla Warfare’s 1999 platinum record album and the 1999 “Bling Bling” single. For many years, Lil Wayne was the flagship artist of Cash Money Records, before finalizing his long contract with the company in June 2018.

Lil Wayne Early Early

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. was born on September 27, 1982, and grew up in the poor area of Hollygrove in New Orleans, Louisiana. His mother, a cook, gave birth to him when he was 19 years old.

His parents divorced at the age of 2 and her father definitively abandoned the family. Although Wayne and Birdman have a father-son relationship and Birdman calls Carter his son, Wayne’s biological and namesake father (Dwayne Carter) is still alive.

Lil Wayne also spoke about his late stepfather, Reginald “Rabbit” McDonald, whom he considered his real father. Carter has a tattoo dedicated to Rabbit who was killed before Carter became a star.

Carter enrolled in the gifted program of Lafayette Elementary School and in the drama club of Eleanor McMain Secondary School. Wayne attended McMain in the early 1990s for two years. He moved to Marion Abramson High School.

Why Carter Decides to Change His Name to Wayne

In a CBS interview with Katie Couric, Wayne explained why he goes by the name “Wayne” instead of his first name, Dwayne. Carter explained, “I gave up D because I’m a junior and my father lives and he’s not in my life and never was, so I do not want to be Dwayne, I’d rather be Wayne2. Couric asked Wayne if his father knew about it and Wayne replied with a smile: “Now he knows.”

Lil Wayne Education

Many questions have been raised concerning Lil Wayne education. The following question has also been asked about Lil Wayne educational background. Her are the questions;

  • Did Lil Wayne go to college? Yes
  • Where did Lil Wayne go to college? University of Houston
  • What college did Lil Wayne go to? Phoenix University
  • Does Lil Wayne have a college degree? Yes

Lil Wayne attended the University of Houston (UH) for part of 2005 until schedule conflicts forced him to drop out. However, the rap star didn’t drop higher education entirely – he enrolled at Phoenix University to take online courses in psychology.

Lil Wayne Career

In 1996, Carter joined the Hot Boys with rappers Juvenile, B.G. and Turk. He was only 15 years old, making him the youngest member of the group at that time.

Three years later, Lil Wayne went solo and released his first album “The Block is Hot”, which is a great success and reached the level of platinum certification. He took advantage of the success of the album to launch two more in the following years and put on the map.

Lil Wayne then published a series of albums titled Tha Carter (2004), Tha Carter II (2005) and Tha Carter III (2008). His 2008 album had sold more than a million copies in the United States during the first week. That same year, Tha Carter III won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Ever since then, Lil Wayne has been a sensation with many famous artists, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Eminem, etc. He has also received numerous awards for his work and his collaborations with others.

How Lil Wayne Makes His Money

Lil Wayne also earns money outside of rapping. Some of his projects include credits as a producer, composer and director. In 2010, Lil Wayne was the executive producer of the television documentary Drake: Better Than Good Enough. In 2014, Lil Wayne produced and directed the television documentary Weezy Wednesdays, as well as two projects with Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj: The Pinkprint movie and Nicki Minaj: My Time Now).

The rapper also adds to his wealth through sponsorship agreements with Sprint, Mountain Dew and Beats by Dre. In 2015, he joined the Tidal music streaming service as co-owner.

After joining the music service, he released a song titled “Glory” exclusively on Tidal. It was the first single from his album FWA (Free Weezy Album). Lil Wayne also launched a clothing line called Trukfit. A few years later, in 2018, he launched a Young Money clothing line in Neiman Marcus.

Lil Wayne’s Net Worth in 2019

In 2019, Lil Wayne net worth is estimated to amount to $120 million. Most of Lil Wayne’s wealth is from his music and touring. The rapper earns more than $600,000 per show and performs as many as 50 shows each year, according to Forbes. From 2008 to 2009, Wayne’s “Tha Carter III” tour earned roughly $42 million.

Lil Wayne Career Highlights

Here are some of the main highlights and awards of Lil Wayne’s career:

  • BET Awards – Best Male Hip Hop Artist (2009)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Top Rap Album (I Am Not A Human Being, 2011)
  • BET Hip Hop Awards – Lyricist of the Year (2008)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Best Male Artist (2012)
  • BET Hip Hop Awards – MVP of the Year (2008)
  • Billboard Music Awards – Best Rap Artist (2012)
  • BMI Awards – Urban Songwriter of the Year (2009, 2010)
  • Grammy Awards – Best Rap Album (The Carter III, 2009)
  • Source Awards – Best New Artist (2000)

Lil Wayne Famous Quotes

“I got these haters, like “when will he stop? Maybe a minute after never, so set your clocks.” – Lil Wayne

“I look at things as ‘Everything is meant to be.’” – Lil Wayne

“I’m blessed and I thank God for every day for everything that happens for me.” – Lil Wayne

“Honestly, I don’t listen to nobody else’s music but my own. It’s kind of like sports to me. You don’t see Kobe Bryant at a LeBron James game – he just works on his own game. And that’s what I do. I only listen to me, so I can criticize and analyze and all those things.” – Lil Wayne

“I don’t want to be understood because if people understand me, they get tired of me.” – Lil Wayne

“I know the world is so cold and deceiving, but I keep my head up like my noise is bleeding.” – Lil Wayne

The lesson we Can Learn from Lil Wayne

1 Find a Mentor

Early in Lil Wayne’s career, he found a mentor that directed him on so many things. The two hit it off and established a father-son relationship. To this day, Williams is still Wayne’s mentor and has helped coach and pave the way for some of his greatest successes.

2. Get experience

Did you know that Lil Wayne’s career did not really start until the release of his sixth solo album? It took nearly 12 years to put the work into action, perfecting his artistic process and spending days in the studio before becoming one of the biggest successes of the music industry.

3. Network – then network some more

A few years ago, you could not turn on the radio without hearing Lil Wayne. Whether it’s a pop station, a rock station or a hip-hop station, it was everywhere. He networked through different genres and record labels to increase his visibility with new audiences, catapulting him to mass success.


Lil Wayne has been a source of blessing to many thanks to Birdman who helped and coached him during his early career. He has been able to mentor other young artists into being the best at what they do.

To end this Lil Wayne net worth discussion, I will like to advise you to always be patient in life. It took Lil Wayne 12 years to come out in limelight. Lastly, grab opportunities when they come looking for you.

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