Keanu Reeves Net Worth 2019

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

What is Keanu Reeves Net Worth in 2019?

Below is a table showing Keanu Reeves net worth, career, age, nationality, etc.

Net Worth:$360 Million
DOB (Age):September 2, 1964 (55)
Profession:Professional Actor
Last Reviewed2019

Here is what you need to know about Keanu Reeves net worth in 2019, Early Life, Career and famous quotes. We are going to help you diggest all these and many more. No stone will be left unturned, as we will do everything possible to satisfy you.

In this article, you will not only find out Keanu Reeves Net Worth, but we will also tell you how Keanu Reeves makes his money, his career lessons including his educational background.

Who is Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves Net Worth: $360 million dollars

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor known for his roles in such films as Matrix, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Speed. His career does not seem to be genre-specific and he has done humour, science fiction, action, and horror movies.

Reeves continues to develop his acting career and has several ongoing projects.

As of 2019, Keanu Reeves’ net worth is estimated at $360 million.

Keanu Reeves Early Life

Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964. Although he spent much of his early childhood globe-trotting with his family, they finally settled in Toronto and became Canadian citizens.

Hampered by dyslexia, Reeves’s education suffered but he compensated for this on the ice, excelling as goaltender for his high school hockey team.

After performing in a school production of Romeo and Juliet, Reeves left hockey and school to pursue a career in acting.

Keanu Reeves Career

Reeves began his acting career in the theatre at the age of nine, appearing for the first time in Damn Yankees.

After leaving high school, he obtained his green card and moved to Los Angeles to live with his former father-in-law, who was the director of theatre and television. Reeves then appeared in Hangin ‘In, several commercials, short films and plays.

In 1986, he took a break at River’s Edge and this film launched his career. After this role, he also played in the excellent adventure of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and it’s sequel, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

These films launched his acting career, but his film choices continued to receive negative reviews. Only up to the Devil’s Advocate did he start receiving good box office reviews.

Reeves also ventured into directing, starting in 2013 with Man of Tai Chi. Another type of work that Reeves did is literature, with the book “Ode to Happiness”.

Reeves has also taken part in producing movies and playing bass guitar. Currently, Reeves is working several projects that are in various stages of post-production.

What is Keanu Reeves Net Worth in 2019?

In 2019, Keanu Reeves estimated net worth is $360 million.

Reeves net worth is the product of his massively successful movies. According to Forbes, 1994’s Speed turned Reeves into a superstar, as that movie made $350.4 million.

One of Reeves’ most successful films is still 2006’s The Matrix Reloaded, and he’s made about $250 million combined from the three Matrix films.

Reeves’ salary for the first film was said to be $10 million, but he also got a part of the movie’s gross on the backend, which resulted in total earnings of $35 million.

Keanu Reeves Career Highlights

Here are some top highlights of Keanu Reeve’s career:

  • MTV Movie Award for Most Desirable Male- Point Break (1991)
  • MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (shared with Sandra Bullock): Speed (1994)
  • MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance: The Matrix (1999)
  • MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (shared with Laurence Fishburne): The Matrix (1999)
  • Bambi Award for Best International Actor: The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

Keanu Reeves Famous Quotes

“The truth is often terrifying, which I think is one of the motifs of Larry and Andrew’s cinema. The cost of knowledge is an important theme. In the second and third films, they explore the consequences of Neo’s choice to know the truth. It’s a beautiful, beautiful story.” —Keanu Reeves

“It’s always wonderful to get to know women, with the mystery and the joy and the depth. If you can make a woman laugh, you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s Earth.”–Keanu Reeves

“So many people have that relationship. The companionship. The connection. To our – to other beings, our pets. I hate to call them pets. But you know, to other creatures that we share our lives with.”–Keanu Reeves

“Sometimes when you make a film you can go away for three months and then come back and live your life. But this struck a much deeper chord. I don’t have the ability yet to speak about it in an objective.” —Keanu Reeves

“I loved the material when I first read it, and the experience of making the film (The Matrix) was a great one. So when we came around to complete the trilogy, I just signed on board without even reading the scripts because the experience of the first film was so good.” —Keanu Reeves

“Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy lie and not stress myself building my bank account. I give lots away and live simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health is much more important.” Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Career Lessons

There’s something about Keanu Reeves, don’t you think? Lovable on camera, no matter what role he’s portraying, he’s been beloved by men and women since the 1990s.

He owns his quietness

Reeves has a reputation of being quiet on set — something many actors have talked about after working with him. Not only is he extremely dedicated, but he tends to keep to himself, improving his craft without the input of others.

He’s self-determined

It’s pretty much a given that to be successful, you have to be able to hold yourself accountable. Reeves is a testament to this truth, considering he’s often labelled as persistent and of course, stubborn.

He always fights for his career

One of the most important career lessons to remember is the importance of being your own biggest fan. Since ultimately, you’re responsible for yourself, this is a powerful mantra to have — and one that Reeves embodies. He’s had plenty of disappointments, but he stands up for what he knows he deserves.

End Note

Keanu Reeves is showing no signs of slowing down in his career. His net-worth is reflective of a dynamic and diverse career and will continue to expand as his career does. His career includes acting, producing, directing, writing, and music, all of which have greatly expanded his portfolio.

As of 2019, Keanu Reeves’ net worth is roughly $350 million.

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