26 Good Leadership Qualities That Will Lead You to Greatness (A-Z)

good qualities every leader must possess

Everyone wants to be great, but greatness requires a strong possession of a certain set of good qualities.

In the words of John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Great leadership has the potential to excite people to achieve extraordinary things, which makes leadership among the highest of callings.

As a result, you need to know these good qualities, practice them until you display them unconsciously to attain greatness.

A very interesting thing you should know about these good qualities that lead to greatness is that they are very easy to develop.

And if you must become great, you need to first discipline yourself to live by these qualities.

The 26 good leadership qualities that will lead you to greatness


Greatness is the quality that radiates from the inside out. 

It is who you are when you are honouring your values and living a life of purpose.

In other words, when you are stepping into your true Self.

Measure yourself against these 26 attributes and ask yourself how you can lead from your very best qualities:

1. Authentic: 

The first good quality that will help you to attain greatness in life, is authenticity. 

While it is very difficult for many people to be authentic in this age of social media, you have to be different.

You shouldn’t join the gang that pose like a celebrity model on Instagram, but in reality, you are just a roadside trader struggling to survive.

So, you have to be genuine, reliable, trustworthy, and always the same person every time.

2. Brave: 

Bravery isn’t something you’re born with. 

It is a trait you acquire over time as you gain life experiences. 

Most people think that to be brave is to not feel fear.

However, being brave is to feel fear…and act anyway.

This quality is very important for you to possess because it’ll allow you to take action more easily on a daily basis.

Whether it’s to approach an attractive girl, to make a public speech, and so on, bravery is the quality you need.

In addition, it’ll help you live your life on your own terms and greatly enhance the way you feel about yourself.

Being brave is one of the best qualities that will lead you on your way to greatness.

3. Character-driven: 

Your character consists of all the qualities you have that make you distinct from other people.

It defines who you are as a person and highly influences the choices you make in your life.

Possessing a good character is very important because it is that which resonates with people and impels them to follow and trust.

4. Decisive:

Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women. 

And for you to attain greatness, you must be someone who is decisive.

You must be able to make decisions and be quick about it because almost any decision is better than no decision at all.

Determination and daring make great leaders unshakeable.

You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.

It’s better to be boldly decisive and risk being wrong than to agonise at length and be right too late.

5. Engaging:

Being engaging is about getting and keeping people’s attention. 

It’s about giving people something memorable and helping them be their best.

A great leader must be able to connect with enthusiasm, empowerment and encouragement.

You must also remember that everyone can make a positive contribution.

6. Fearless:

Fear is inevitable, fearless people know that, but they won’t surrender.

They succeed because they think, speak and act differently than those who stay stuck and make excuses. 

If you are brave in your thinking and daring in your actions, you can accomplish anything.

Taylor Swift explains this so plainly in this quote; “To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.” 

7. Goal-oriented: 

Being goal-oriented or goal-driven is one of the good qualities every leader must possess to achieve greatness.

It means setting targets and objectives that will make progress throughout your life much smoother. 

A goal-driven person will work much harder whenever there are deadlines to be met. 

To be successful in life there must be the desire to set goals and work towards achieving them.

8. Humble: 

Humility is the quality of being humble and means putting the needs of another person before your own, and thinking of others before yourself.

Humble people are always at peace with themselves and others and their humility embraces contentment and simplicity. 

Mother Theresa once said, “Humility is the mother of all virtues; purity, charity, and obedience. 

It is in being humble that our love becomes real, devoted and ardent.” 

These words are so true, but you don’t have to be Mother Theresa, or even a religious person, to make an effort to practice humility in your everyday life. 

Being humble means accepting your limitations and making an effort to make the world a better place without wanting to take all the credit.

And this is one good leadership quality that will ultimately lead you to greatness.

9. Inspiring: 

If someone or something inspires you, they give you new ideas and a strong feeling of enthusiasm.

And really, you don’t have to be extraordinary to be inspiring.

Even ordinary people who have done extraordinary things can inspire other people.

Being inspiring is one great quality that will help you lead intuition and intelligence thereby giving everyone around you room to grow.

10. Just: 

Being just the quality of being righteousness, equitableness, or moral right.

When something is morally and ethically sound, it’s just. 

If you are a just leader, you won’t dismiss an employee just because his wife is rude to you.

Always seek to be guided by truth and reason; be a champion of equality and fairness.

11. Knowledgeable: 

Being knowledgeable is one of the good qualities of leadership that will lead you to greatness.

A knowledgeable person is a person who is well-informed and well-knowing. 

If you are knowledgeable about a subject, it means that you are well conversant in the area with great understanding. 

Because this quality is very important for you to attain greatness, you must pick an area of study and devote the required time to study regularly.

Be so well informed, learned, and cultivated that people are drawn to you for their own enlightenment.

12. Listener: 

To become a great leader, you must be an active listener.

An active listener is one who focuses completely on a speaker, understands his message, comprehends the information and responds thoughtfully. 

Good leaders speak, however, great leaders listen. 

When you’re listening to others, you’re learning from them.

Also, you are able to respond accordingly if the need be.

13. Motivating: 

A motivating leader knows how to help people make things happen.

When you are a good leader, you stimulate people to action to accomplish their goals. 

You also mentor and encourage those around you, inspiring them to take chances.

This is one exceptional quality you must possess to become great.

14. Noble: 

To be a great leader, live in a way that draws others to emulate you.

People admire and respect you because you are unselfish and morally good. 

A noble leader is upright and always willing to help in any way he could.

15. Optimistic: 

If you’re looking for powerful fuel for your leadership, look at optimism.

To lead with optimism is to be confident, cheerful and positive, leading to openness and opportunity for all.

An optimist leader seeks to have their teams engaged and working together toward a shared purpose and vision. 

This is why this is one of the good qualities that will definitely lead you to greatness.

16. Progressive: 

Progressive leaders have poise. 

They emanate a sense of confidence and strength that arises from being settled with themselves. 

Being settled with themselves they have nothing to prove and are therefore a collaborator, a teacher, a leader, a friend and a mentor to others.

Keep moving, increasing and growing, and pioneering new frontiers.

Those around you will gain energy from being part of a dynamic enterprise that you manage.

17. Qualitative: 

To attain greatness, you must be qualitative.

Always choose quality over quantity.

Hold yourself and those around you to the highest standard.

This will increase the respect people have for you and will help you achieve more

18. Reliable: 

You are reliable when people can certainly rely on you because you are trustworthy and responsible.

Show people, they can count on you in good times and bad by living up to your word. 

Be dependable and consistent.

19. Supportive: 

When you’re encouraging, caring and sympathetic and helpful, offering feedback both positive and negative, you give those around you the confidence they need to persist.

This is one quality of a good leader you must strive to possess.

20. Trustworthy: 

In an election, you’ll likely vote for the most trustworthy candidate because you believe he’ll keep his promises. 

If you’re trustworthy, that means you’re reliable: you do what you say you’re going to do.

People are reassured by dependability, reliability, credibility and competence. 

Have faith in those you’re leading, and they will have faith in you.

21. Unbiased: 

Practice having compassion and empathy for yourself, and others.

Learn to be precise with your words and in your work.

Be impartial and open-minded; hold to the value of listening, learning, giving chances and being open to opinions.

22. Visionary: 

As a visionary person, you think about the future or advancements in a creative and imaginative way. 

You are always ahead of time and have a powerful plan for change in the future.

Be innovative, imaginative, and perceptive. 

What differentiates great leaders from the rest is they not only have plenty of ideas but also commit to carrying them out.

23. Wise: 

Wisdom in leadership is more than just being wise–it’s using that wisdom to give insight and inspiration to others

As a wise leader, you tend to make intuitive decisions using both discernment and discrimination. 

Your ability to make decisions takes into account the larger context, personal values, and ethics.

24. Excellent:  

Excellence means greatness — the very best. 

Achieving excellence is never easy to do. 

It is one good quality that people really appreciate, because it’s so hard to find.

Excellence is the quality of excelling, of being truly the best at something.

Aim for distinction and virtuosity, motivate yourself to always give your highest quality effort and you are well on your way to greatness.

25. Yearning: 

One test of a true leader is a constant longing and hunger. 

Always be looking to be more, do more and make a difference in a big way.

This quality makes true leaders different from others.

26. Zealous: 

A devout drive to be dedicated to something bigger than yourself fuels a fierce passion to help others be successful. 

Embrace that intensity and put it to work to better the world.

When you embrace these attributes from A to Z, you walk the path of great leadership. 

Begin now and see where you end up.

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Don’t forget to always shoot for greatness and attain it.

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