8 Things to do during this period of a lockdown that will make you rich

8 Things to do during this period of a lockdown that will make you rich

Now that a lot of cities are on lockdown, what things can you do during his period that will make you rich later?

Tough question right? 

Sure, this can be a very difficult question for you to answer, especially when you are not even thinking in that direction.

Did you know that human beings can survive anything as long as they have something to live for?

It’s just like the case of this 90-year-old Seatle woman who survived coronavirus infection.

Her family had already said their final goodbye. 

But, all of a sudden, she started recuperating and now she has been discharged from the hospital.

The point I am making here is this; if you start planning the things you will do after this pandemic, you will increase your chances of living to achieve them.

Besides that, it will also serve as a strategic plan for you to become wealthy afterwards.

So, what are the things to do during this period of lockdown that will make you rich later?

Now that there is a global lockdown due to COVID-19, here are a few things you can do in this period that will make you rich later.

1. Spend some time to know yourself

knowing yourself is one of the things you can do in this period of lockdown that will make you rich later

The world around you has been in a very fast past prior to this time.

Now that activities have become slow, this is a perfect opportunity for you to slow down as well.

Spend some time to look at your life in retrospect and review the choices you have made up till this point.

Ask yourself some deep question to know whether you are in the right direction at all.

Now that there is a lockdown and you are free from school and office work, look deep to discover yourself.

Everything about life stems from the understanding of who you are.

Unfortunately, 99% of people in the world don’t know who they are.

As a result, they make the wrong decisions which eventually lead to results they never wished for in their life.

What follows this is a lifetime of unhappiness and bitterness.

Discovering who you are is one of the biggest investment you can make at a time like this.

But, how exactly can you do that?

How to discover yourself in a period of lockdown

Here’s a simple tip that will help you in the process of discovering yourself.

Spend a lot of time to recollect the things that happened in your early childhood.

You can spend an hour every day thinking about who you are and your passion.

This is very important because who you are is very obvious while growing up.

Unfortunately, the older you grow, the more you begin to listen to too many voices.

You listen to our parents, friends and the media until you lose your identity trying to fit in their mould.

You never really spend some time with yourself to know what you want.

I guess that this is why Benjamin Franklin said “some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75”

Tracing your childhood interest and passion will show you who you were before the disconnection.

It will also reveal how your identity was killed by society.

Passion is probably what you cannot explain how you got.

And even if you have a passion, oftentimes before you are 25, the world must have knocked the passion out of you.

Now you are left to chase after happiness which can only happen when you know yourself.

Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

It is the best piece of advice you can believe in now.

As we all are indoors at the moment, it is the best time to discover who you truly are.

This is the period to discover what you can do to become rich after the lockdown.

2. Study the world


For you to become successful in life, you must understand human beings and their nature.

If you cannot understand human beings and their nature, then you cannot cope with them.

In addition, you cannot get what you want from them.

The best time to understand humans is in a critical time like this one.

A time when all chips are down and there is nothing else anyone can do other than to obey laws and orders.

This is the time when people begin to tear off their sheep clothing and begin to show who they are.

For instance, the government of many countries have announced that people should stay indoors.

Sadly, some people are still going to church and mosques to pray while some are having parties.

You may want to ask, “are these people crazy?”

No, they are not. They are just not rational.

Irrationality is you thinking that attending a party at this critical time is more important than saving your life.

It is when you need the cops to force you to do what you are supposed to do.

Knowing how irrational humans are is a great asset in handling them.

This knowledge will help you especially if you are in a leadership position where you have to manage people.

Here are some things you should focus on when studying the world in a period of lockdown

As you study the people of the world in this period of global lockdown, among the things to look out for is their urge.

Learn what drives them to make certain decisions.

Also, observe how they react to the situation at hand.

In addition, try to see what most people are holding on to and not letting go.

Those things that they cling to could be their pain points.

You can leverage the information you gather from this study to create products and services later.

After this pandemic, and period of lockdown, you can sell these products and services to them and become rich with profits.

3. Read those books you’ve been wanting to read

Bill gates reading books and getting ideas that makes him rich

The easiest thing to do at this time is to binge-watch Netflix or play a series of video games.

But the problem with this option is that it hardly ever improve your life in any way.

While you need news and entertainment, learning and acquiring new skills at a critical time like this could be the best thing to do.

You don’t know how much the information in those books you’ve been wanting to read could change your life.

So, spend some more time to start reading from today.

This is a unique time, a time of tears, crisis and silence.

You can only do yourself a great favour by spending your time now to prepare for whatever may come when you get out of this tunnel.

4. Finish those online courses you enrolled for

take free-online-courses-to-improve-your-career-prospects while in recession

It is so much easier to finish your university course outline before a test or an exam but downright difficult to complete an online course.

Surprising, most of these online courses require only 40 hours of your time to complete it.

The reason you don’t finish your online courses is simply that there are no deadlines and assessment tests.

You have to instil that discipline by yourself to complete those courses now.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all are prone to procrastinate completing an online course.

As for me, I easily slack off because I am too busy with work most days.

However, we still have to complete the course and get the certificate right?

Now is the big break we all have been waiting for.

You can choose to either sleep all day or wake up and complete those courses that will add value to your life.

There are no excuses for you this time!

You have a couple of weeks right now without work or school activities in the way.

An exception would be if you are a health practitioner actively working day and night to stop the spread of coronavirus.

I need to take a pause here and hail all the health practitioners around the world.

You all are doing well. Thank you for putting your lives in the line to save others. God bless you.

Now, back to what I was saying – you need to finish that course during this period of lockdown.

Work hard to get the certificate upon completion of the course, that is if there is any.

When you are done, buy more courses if you can and complete them also.

If you don’t have the money to buy a new course, I have good news for you.

Many online tutors have made their courses free for users to access as part of their humanitarian service to fight COVID-19.

Right now, there are tons of free online courses with free certificates at the end while some have put a discount on the certificate.

Register for as many of these free courses as possible and set aside some hours each day to go through them.

Be the time you come out of this lockdown, you will have enough knowledge to apply in your life and also share with others.

In addition, you will get a lot of certificates that you can add to your CV.

5. Develop a new skill

learn new skill that will make your rich

While we are still on lockdown, learn something new – learn a skill with which you can make money later.

Besides completing an online course and collecting a certificate, getting a skill is also an advantage.

There are thousands of hours of free videos on YouTube to learn anything you can think of.

You could take some makeup classes, learn how to sew or even learn how to knit.

In addition, you can learn soft skills like mobile photography, photo & video editing, web & app development, etc.

Did you know that you can learn how to write and make money writing online?

The list of things to learn in this period of lockdown is just too many.

If you don’t know what to learn, just go to Google and search for “Hot in-demand skills right now.

The results will give you an idea of high paying hot in-demand skills you should start learning immediately.

Make a decision today to start learning a skill.

If you give it enough time and dedication, you might come out of this lockdown to start a new line of business.

6. Learn how to use social media for marketing

learn how to use social media for marketing

Isn’t it so obvious already?

Many businesses got hit badly at the beginning of this crisis and now it is more devastating for them since the declaration of the lockdown.

More than ever before, so many business owners are seeing the need to use social media to communicate with their customers.

I’m sorry if your own business was hit too, but you can learn these badass ways for your business can survive this pandemic.

You may not be a business owner at this moment, however, you need to acquire this knowledge now.

In fact, you can start using the knowledge of social media to promote your personal brand online.

Positioning yourself as an expert on social media is a good way to gather an active audience you can sell to in the future.

7. Invest in company stocks 

invest in stocks - one of the things to do while on lockdown that will make you rich later

In a period of crisis like this one, a lot of companies will see a fall in their stock prices.

Right now, while many people are jumping out of these companies, I urge you to study the companies and buy their stocks now that it is cheaper.

The reason for studying the companies first is to know how well they have fared in the past.

A company that has kept a clean record of positive growth in the past is most likely to bounce back again.

Also, invest in tech companies. 

Tech companies are most likely to profit greatly moving forward.

Since many companies are now seeing the negative effect of relying only on their brick and mortar stores, they will most likely begin to patronize the services of most tech companies.

Again, make sure you do your research very well before investing so that you don’t invest in the wrong stocks.

8. Trade currencies now if you know how to

trade currencies now -  things to do while on lockdown that will make you rich later

You probably already know about Forex trading long before now, but it has never piqued your interest to learn it.

Well, now is a good time to learn how to trade currencies and earn big time.

A lot of currencies are rising and falling right now because of the crisis.

You can take advantage of these fluctuations to make so much money.


All of the pieces of financial advice in this article are for informational purposes only and should never be taken as professional advice. 

Please, use this information at your own discretion. 

If you have personal doubts, please contact a financial expert immediately to guide you in your decision. 


Here is a quick recap of the things you can do during the lockdown that will make you rich later

  • Spend time to know who you are
  • Study the world
  • Read those books you’ve been wanting to read
  • Complete those online courses you enrolled for
  • Get a new skill
  • Learn how to use social media for marketing
  • Invest in company stocks
  • Trade currencies if you know how to

I believe with these fee tips, you will come of this lockdown a better person ready to take up the world.

Now it’s your turn, which of these tips are you going to start implementing immediately.

Leave a comment below let’s be your accountability partner.

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