Bow Wow Net Worth 2019

Bow Wow Net Worth

Is Bow Wow broke? How much is Bow Wow net worth? If you ever thought of Bow Wow net worth in 2019 after his rant of giving away all his money on twitter? Then you need to read this article to the end.

After our article on Lady Gaga’s net worth 2019. SUCCESSOWL thought it wise to look into one of our childhood stars Lil Bow Wow.

If there’s one thing you should learn about how Bow Wow made a net worth of $ 1.5 million, that’s how not to treat your own money. Honestly, it’s amazing that Bow Wow still has money given his attitude on how his money is spent.

Fans and enemies who follow him on Twitter are well aware of his recent rant of how he gave away all his money. Whether it’s a drug or alcohol-induced ranting it sure says a lot about the possibility of how his net worth significantly increased.

The seller of more than 10 million albums worldwide began his career at the age of 13 with the release of a platinum double-album titled “Beware of Dog”. However, this figure does not include more than 14 million digital copies of the other works sold on the Internet.

Quick Facts About Bow Wow

Net Worth:$1.5 Million
Born:March 9, 1987
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Rapper
Last Updated:2019

Who is Bow Wow?

Shad Gregory Moss A.K.A Bow Wow is the son of Alfonso Preston and Teresa Rena Caldwell who gave birth to him in 1987 in Columbus, Ohio. He is a famous rapper, actor and is also a producer. He is a 32-year-old and he lives in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. and most popular as a rapper.

As Lil’ Bow Wow, he released his first album, Beware of Dog, in 2000 at age 13, which was followed by Doggy Bag in 2001.

In 2003, Bow Wow released his third album Unleashed, which was the first album released after dropping the “Lil’” from his stage name.


Bow Wow Net Worth 2019

As of 2019, Bow Wow’s net worth is roughly $1.5 Million dollars.

Lil Bow wow is a millionaire and wealth ambitious at a young age of 32 and according to him, in 2015 to 2019 estimated currently over the yearly income of $1.5 million from his rapping such as discography (Studio albums & Collaborative albums), Filmography as well as Television.

Bow Wow Early Life

Bow wow started his career at a very young age and was noticed by Snoop Dog at the age of 5. As per some sources, Snoop Dog helped him to meet Jermaine Dupri, a famous music producer who mentored Bow Wow on his journey to fame.

More so, He grew up in Reynoldsburg and his father Alfonso Preston Moss left the family and Shad never saw him since his birth.

Moss was raised by his mother Teresa Rena Caldwell along with his stepfather Rodney Caldwell and step-sisters Erica and Jasarah. His mother loved his passion for music and took him to the talent competition around his hometown when he was 5 years old.

Bow Wow Professional Career

Bow wow

Lil Bow wow is an amazing personality, best professional rapper, and Celebrity at a young age and successfully performed the popular reality series/ season and his career was started in teenage life.

Lil Bow Wow released his first album “Beware of Dog” in the year 2000, which was a huge success until 2009 with a sales record of more than 3 million copies. Bounce With Me ‘with the R & B group Xscape,’ Ghetto Girls’ and ‘Puppy Love’ with Jagged Edge.

After the success of his first album in 2002, he released his second album “Doggy Bag”, which sold more than 1.1 copies in the US. The album contained hits like “Thank You” and “Take Ya Home”, including his song “Basketball”, which appeared in the soundtrack of his movie “Like Mike”.

His fourth album “Wanted” was dropped in 2005 and awarded the Platinum certificate.

The songs titled “Let Me Hold You” in collaboration with Omarion and “Like You” featuring his then-girlfriend Ciara secured top positions on Billboard Hot Rap Tracks and Billboard 200 proving his potential as a rapper and sold nearly 1 million copies in the US.

In 2010, he also released a compilation album titled “The Best of Bow Wow.” All showed good performances and made him a popular rap artist.

Bow Wow Highlights 

Here are some of the best highlights of Bow Wow’s career: 

  • Bow Wow (Song, 2000) 
  • Beware of Dog (Album, 2000) 
  • Like You (Song, 2005) 
  • Girlfriend (Song, 2007) 

9 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Bow Wow

Воw Wоw uѕеd tо hаvе а ѕіzеаblе nеt wоrth fоrtunе thаt trulу rеflесtеd hіѕ асhіеvеmеntѕ аnd ѕuссеѕѕ but thаt’ѕ bеhіnd uѕ nоw, аnd іt’ѕ а thіng оf thе раѕt tо hіm. Yоu knоw hе hаѕ ѕреnt а lоt оf tіmе оn thе ѕроtlіght hеnсе ѕubјесt tо ѕсrutіnу bу thе рublіс, but thеrе аrе ѕtіll ѕоmе thіngѕ thаt mау hаvе mіѕѕеd уоur еуеѕ. Yоu mау hаvе knоwn thе mаnу lіеѕ hе роѕtѕ оf hіmѕеlf hаvіng lоtѕ оf саѕh trаvеlіng іn а рrіvаtе јеt уеt hе іѕ оn есоnоmу сlаѕѕ іn а соmmеrсіаl flіght but hеrе аrе nіnе fасtѕ уоu dоn’t knоw аbоut Воw Wоw.

  • Dо уоu lоvе WWЕ, аrе уоu а dіе-hаrd fаn? Wеll, Воw Wоw uѕеd tо bе lіkе уоu thоugh hе іѕ nо mоrе.
  • Dо уоu knоw оnе оf hіѕ fаvоrіtе dеlісасіеѕ? Іt’ѕ сhосоlаtе сhір сооkіеѕ thаt dоn’t hаvе thе сhірѕ. Ніѕ аll-tіmе fаvоrіtе fооd іt’ѕ thе уummу ѕеаfооd, Аlfrеdо.
  • Whо’ѕ уоur аll-tіmе fаvоrіtе muѕісіаn? Wеll, hіѕ іѕ nоnе оthеr but thе lеgеnd Місhаеl Јасkѕоn. Whаt аbоut аn асtоr? hіѕ іѕ Dоn Сhеаdlе.
  • Ніѕ fаvоrіtе drіnk іѕ thе Наwаііаn Рunсh.
  • Whеn аn еgg іѕ сооkеd, hе wіll gо fоr thе whіtе раrtѕ оnlу.
  • Ніѕ vеrу fіrѕt саr wаѕ а Nіѕѕаn 350Z.
  • Іf hе wоuld lіvе іn аnоthеr соuntrу оutѕіdе Аmеrіса thаt wоuld bе Ѕоuth Аfrіса.
  • Аmоng hіѕ mоѕt fаvоrіtе gіftѕ thаt hе hаѕ еvеr rесеіvеd frоm а fаn іѕ а роrtrаіt оf hіm роіntіng tо hіmѕеlf.
  • Whо wаtсhеd Тhе Wіz? thіѕ fіlm ѕсаrеѕ hіm, аnd hе саn’t ѕtаnd tо wаtсh іt.

Bow Wow Favourite Quotes

My fans saw ‘Roll Bounce,’ but also that older crowd who might not have been familiar with me on the music tip saw ‘Roll Bounce’ and loved it. ‘Roll Bounce’ opened up that door for me to have older people love Bow Wow and opened up that door so all of the kids would love Bow Wow. My fan base is really diverse; it’s all ages and all colors.” – Bow Wow 

Guys like Todd Bridges never overcame being a child star. You can’t have any big failures. I’ve always felt regular. I played organized ball at the rec league. At 13, they told me I sold 3 million copies. I didn’t know what that meant.” – Bow Wow 

At the end of the day, I want to spend time with my daughter, and this schedule enables me to do that while still having fun hosting ‘106 Park.’ I’m not really eager to get back into music just yet; I’m really eager to get into another movie before I put out an album.” – Bow Wow   

Anyone who knows me knows how much time I spend on computers. I’m a computer addict. Every young person deserves to have a computer in his or her home. It’s also cool that CFY will also make sure that they learn how to use them.”  – Bow Wow

3 Humbling Lessons from Bow Wow 

Now that you know all about Bow Wow’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the most humbling lessons we can learn from him: 

1. Build the Lifestyle You Want

What do you want to achieve as an independent artist? Ask yourself that question and be really honest with yourself with the answer.

2. Respect Your Craft

Bow Wow is cool with staying independent because Bow Wow knows he has a loyal fanbase. All he has to do is keep building and cultivating his following so that whenever he goes on tour or sell merchandise, they’ll be there to support him.

3. Believe In Your Music

Just do what you wanna do. If you stick to your guns, stick to what you’re saying, then, in the end, the universe will give it to you, because you believed in yourself. You can pretty much just create your own world.


He is famous for his released hip-hop albums and mixtapes which have won many golds and platinum certifications and has ranked on Billboards Top 200 and Top 100 charts.

Bow Wow has achieved a lot of fame and stardom through his acting skills as well.

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